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2015-11-22, Jiashun Jinyu"s first boutique koi auction will be held in Xuzhou Jiashun Koi Farm, so stay tuned!
  The Xuzhou koi auction ended successfully. The king shot 18,000 yuan
  2015 Zhongshan International Koi Silver Cup Jiashun Koi"s own production wins award
  Xuzhou Jinyu Auction Participate in the Photo Gallery (2)
  Xuzhou"s first Koi Auction to participate in the Koi Tour (1)
  The first boutique koi auction of Jiashun Koi will be held
  Xuzhou Jiashun Koi Anniversary Celebration 鉅惠錦鯉 Auction
  Xuzhou Jiashun Koi "The Award Forwarding" event begins

Jiashun Aquaculture Cooperative of Jiazhou District, Xuzhou is a professional Koi 鯉 farm under Xuzhou Ruoshui Koi Culture Co., Ltd., which is the largest in Huaihai Economic Zone. The Koi Aquaculture Development Center is located at the intersection of Jiangjun Road and Jiaqing Road in Jiawang District, with convenient transportation. It mainly uses Japanese koi carp breeding and koi breeding as its leading industry. It has 128 indoor display pools, more than 13,000 tons of water bodies and more than 1,000 acres of aquaculture water surface. The environment is elegant and the water quality is fresh. The fishery has a lot of experience...

  What are the classifications for Red and White Koi (2)
  What kind of Showa tricolor koi is good
  What is writing What kind of writing is good
  What is the big three colors, what is the point of appreciation
  Red and white koi definitions and reviews
  What are the classifications for Red and White Koi
  Appreciation of Taisho Tricolor Big Ink
  Quality Koi Culture Technology
  Technology for prevention and control of waterborne mildew in common cage culture in the cage cage
  How to prevent common koi disease
  How to prevent koi rot disease
  Management Essentials of the Raiders in the Aquatic Gem Feeding Skills
  How to ensure that the koi fry will survive the winter
  Autumn Koi disease prevention and control technology

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Japanese purebred fish

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Gold Koi Fry

Vegetable brocade

Danding Koi 60"

Showa Koi 30"

Red and White Koi Jiashun"s own products

Silver Scale Showa Koi Fish 45

Japan Showa Tricolor Koi Fish...

Jiashun Red and White Koi is produced annually...

Yu Cui"s own products

2014 Red and White Koi...

3 Taisho Koi 2 red...

Green Tea Koi

Red and white are old-fashioned 14...

Japanese Koi Original Red and White

  Autumn koi fry
  Showa Tricolor Koi Fry
  Taisho three-color koi fish fry
  Red and White Koi Fry
  Gold fry
  Longfeng Koi Fish
  How to choose to place feng shui koi fish
  Koi fish raise a few good ones
  The common sense of Feng Shui Koi
  The feng shui effect of Danding Gold Koi
  Auspicious meaning of Feng Shui Koi
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